This is Brenton. A lover of all things outdoors. He would live in the woods during hunting season if I let him. He is a wonderful man of God who inspires, encourages, and motivates me. His favorite things are cooking shows, fishing, hunting, and fitness.

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a designer, hand-letterer, and a through and through creative. I love coffee, warm blankets, shopping, travel, and time in the sun.  I like to write about what I'm learning through my walk of faith, trips we take, and the shenanigans with our dogs. I often share photos that capture special moments. I have recently joined the motherhood club with the arrival of our son, and am learning as I go.

  (Photo Credit: Simply Photography, by Jenni O Photography)

Isaiah was born 2/2/15. He is a curious little boy who absolutely loves trucks and tractors. He is a sweet boy with a gentle nature.

Norah joined our family on 11/7/16. She is a sweet little thing who is incredibly happy! She loves to watch her big brother run around and we think she will have a big personality.


We have an interesting story... it is actually rather hard to explain. God had a big hand in our relationship because there were a lot of thin threads that brought us together. The easy way of explaining it is that we met through friends. Brenton met some people I (Sarah) went to school with, which eventually led me to Iowa to visit him (unknowingly going to meet my future husband). We started dating a couple of months after we met. We were living about 6 hours apart at the time. Then Brenton went to France for 6 weeks for mission work. This was our first big challenge as a couple. We had to rely on our communication skills which actually helped us get to know each other pretty quickly. 6 months later, we got engaged.

Brenton and I had been planning a trip to Eau Claire (my hometown) for quite some time. A weekend finally opened up and we decided to go. The 6 hour drive home was late and long. We talked to keep each other awake... a lot of discussion about what our future might look like. Little did I know, and later found out, I was sitting about a foot away from my ring the entire drive. We arrived late Friday night, caught up with my parents, and went to bed. The next morning my mom and I went to get our hair done and Brenton and my dad went to work out. We carved pumpkins when we both got back beacuase it was the day before Halloween. Just as we were getting done carving I went and sat down in my living room. My mom said to me, "hey, I have a pair of shoes I want you to design for me!" (I had been coloring/designing shoes for people that summer). She then came out with a shoebox in her hands. I opened the box to see a pair of shoes that said "will you marry me?" on them. At that point, Brenton was kneeling next to me reciting what was on the border of the shoes... "Will you laugh with me? Will you travel with me? Will you have a family with me?" and many more questions. We were both shaking and crying (and smiling!) when I said "of course!"

We were married on October 15th, 2011 in Sioux Falls, SD. We were blessed with a beautiful day and some amazing time with friends and family. We are both so excited to see what God has in store for us!
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